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Paysage lacustre en plein air

Stage d'aquarelle avec Jean-François Arnaud

  • Commence le 19 mai
  • À partir de 170 francs suisses
  • Ouchy VD

Places disponibles

Description du service

We are pleased to invite you to a series of workshops with Jean-François Arnaud, world-renowned watercolorist, dedicated to landscapes. The key point will be to learn to paint light, not details. The process takes place in three stages: 1) first, paint the light; 2) second, shadow rendering; 3) and finally, bring the watercolor to life with carefully placed touches of saturated colors. This three-step method is designed to create captivating, evocative paintings that capture the heart of a scene. Understanding this 3-step process will allow you to easily paint plein air and capture the light as it happens. On the first day of the workshop, 05/18/24, we will learn the basics of watercolor landscapes in studio: materials, composition, drawing, perspective, techniques, understanding colors. On the second day, 19.05.24, we go outdoors to Ouchy to put into practice the acquired know-how and paint a magnificent lake landscape. The third day, 05.20.24, will also end in the open air where we will practice more advanced techniques representing a panoramic landscape of the city of Lausanne following "The ballad of panoramas". Timetable: 9:30 a.m. -> 12:00 p.m. and 1:45 p.m. -> 5:00 p.m. (every day) Cost: 170 CHF for one day or 480 CHF for three days. Please note that you can book each day separately: you can choose to participate in one or more workshops of the course. Admission: All artists are welcome from 12 years old, no preparation is required. In the event of bad weather conditions, the workshops will be moved indoors (Artiloft, Chemin de la Colline 1c 1007 Lausanne) and photo references will be provided. Languages: English & French If you would like the equipment to be provided, we will charge you an additional 20 CHF per day. To obtain a material list, please email us. Please note that online registration is required due to limited places.

Séances à venir

Politique d'annulation

Les cours hebdomadaires peuvent être annulés gratuitement 24 heures à l’avance. Les ateliers spéciaux peuvent être annulés gratuitement 48 heures à l’avance. Passés ces délais, l’intégralité du prix du cours sera facturé. Veuillez lire la politique d'annulation pour les artistes étrangers invités, les stages et camps sur la page FAQ.



Chemin de Montelly 8, Lausanne, Switzerland

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